Story Start


I’d like to apologize on start for my language. I know that I make a mistakes.

I want to create to show you a story how I become a (I thing now) young artist, and how I choose that kind way of life. Because being an artist it’s not a job its kind of life.

Story is begun in high school (probably 2002) . Actually in technical economic high school. Because at first I wonted to become an accountant. At first I begin interesting films, and I still like good films. Then I really wonted to make films, become an operator, but when I said it my parents they just told my that we can not afford on it, and that it whim. I checked my wallet, and I have only 150 zl, (it’ something like 40 USD). I’ve checked prices of video camera, and it was compliantly out of range. I’ve thought moment and I have asked myself “What about pictures” (I must say that it was 2002 and digital cameras are really new and worse than analog cameras). I’ve taken all my money and bought analog Zenit TTL camera. It had one lens – HELIOS -44m 2/58. There was my first camera.


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