Intro – Stoff – DRAW YOUR CITY

Multimedia, News, Painting, Story-history

I qualified into STOFF – Stockholm Fringe Fest as a performer artist. It’s free entrance.

It’s abstract audio/visual performance / Poland

23/08/12: 12:00

25/08/12: 17:30

Duration: 60 min, Venue: Foajé 3, Tickets: Free

There will be premiere of that project, and my first time in Sweden

City space has an impact on the artist, is talking to him through the people, the atmosphere, the surroundings, the emotions. In this peculiar form of creative expression there is a combination of two sites, the city site (paintings) and artist subconscious (slides), music should help people get into atmosphere of creation. People who will come to see the show could change it by making suggestions (drawing ideas). Films created of material from the display will be available on the web page.


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