Twinpigs – story part 1

Photography, Story-history

It was a really weird day. I sleep long on Saturday almost to 12 o’clock. Then Gosia (room-mate) came to me and ask „I don’t have a transport, and I play a concert today, can You help? But we need to leave like right now.” I agree because don’t have anything interesting to do. Take my gear, shave fast, ware coat and go. 300km. I didn’t know where we go exactly, assumed something like a pub or music club. To my great surprise we came into wild west reconstruction town for tourists. Surreal place, small city for wild west fans. Also it was summer time and a Kupala Night, also known as Ivan Kupala Day. About celebration later now couple of shots from town.

18mm; f8; 1/125s; ISO 100

125mm; f5.6; 1/25s; ISO 100

125mm; f5.6; 1/250s; ISO 100

18mm; f8; 1/100s; ISO 100

75mm; f8; 1/250s; ISO 160

75mm; f8; 1/80s; ISO 100

22mm; f8; 1/250s; ISO 100

18mm; f8; 1/160s; ISO 100

125mm; f5.6; 1/125s; ISO 100


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