Panorama again


Recently I remembered that panoramas can be also interesting, especially when you are in mountains and see horizon. Clarity is much better than in plains. Tripod me and the view. I’m not really a great fan of panoramas but sometimes they can capture climate of the moment.

Naturally first frame is my hand, to inform that is start of panorama (it helps), then start with or without tripod (without tripod you get more moved frames, so need shoot more) and start shooting. NO filters they only can spoil panorama, and always RAW.  Finally in home I using Hugin to stitch it – very good and free software.

Szrenica – view on Poland

Szrenia – view on Czech Republic


somewhere around Łabski Szczyt or Violík view on Czech Republic

Śnieżne Kotły (1,490 m (4888 ft), or Sněžné jámy