DRAW YOUR CITY – Stoff fringe fest – Stockholm 2012

Multimedia, News, performence, Story-history

Finally over, It was great to be there and see those all artists, exhibitions, shows . I’m recommend it for anyone who interest in modern art, its young festival but there is so many interesting things to see. Organization was great and that climate :) They even build a big wooden wall only for me.

Place – Stockholm Kulturhuset

City space has an impact on the artist, is talking to him through the people, the atmosphere, the surroundings, the emotions. In this peculiar form of creative expression there is a combination of two sites, the city site (paintings) and artist subconscious (slides), music should help people get into atmosphere of creation (music by A. Rutkowski). People who will come to see the show could change it by making suggestions (drawing ideas).

Final film created from material from the performance.

Thanks for Marek Juszczak, Adam J. K. Potrykus, Weronika Mrowczyk, Henry, whole Stoff crew and audience.