Twinpigs – story part 5 last one

Photography, Story-history

And now the final. At the end you can saw a fire shows. Make the ceremonial sacrifices to the old gods. Burning herbs, fruits and wine in the fire in Kupala Night (Ivan Kupala Day). It should give a good summer, give health and bigger yields. Young girls are throwing wreath into the river with burning candles. If the wreath was picked up by bachelor, it meant her quick marriage. If it swim, the girl will marry, but not soon. But if burned, drowned or became entangled in the reeds, probably she will be a spinster.

  18mm; f4; 1/4s; ISO 1250

 18mm; f5.6; 1/4s; ISO 1250

22mm; f5.6; 1/15s; ISO 1600

22mm; f5.6; 1/15s; ISO 1600

25mm; f5.6; 1/20s; ISO 1600

25mm; f4.5; 1/6s; ISO 1600

 18mm; f5.6; 0.3s; ISO 320

25mm; f5.6; 0.3s; ISO 320

50mm; f5.6; 0.3s; ISO 320


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