Intuitiva New Art Conference – happy days

Photography, Story-history

In special place in our planet – Lubiaz „Ale wiocha” – it happened – „Intuitiva 2015”. It is a yearly meeting for music improvisors, composers and other performing artists. Former DIMC, Denmark’s Intuitive Music Conference. They have workshops and other relevant activities – If You have an idea – don’t be shy – its good place for good ideas :) Great place to meet new people to play with, or just meet interesting people.

18-125mm; f8; 1/200s; ISO 160

rez-394714mm; f8; 1/125s; ISO 100

70-300mm; f8; 1/60s; ISO 160

50mm; Illford Pan 100

Dzwiekowiozalka14mm; f5,6; 1/200s; ISO 100

18-125mm; f5.6; 1/30s; ISO 160

50mm; Illford Pan 100

50mm; Illford Pan 100

50mm; Illford Pan 100

rez-1550mm; Illford Pan 100

18-125mm; f5; 2s; ISO 100

18-125mm; f5.6; 5s; ISO 100

18-125mm; f4.5; 5s; ISO 100

18-125mm; f5; 5s; ISO 100

14mm; f4; 1/20s; ISO 3200


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