Today new Kamila in outdoor session. Simple set in one of the Wroclaw islands. Just two cameras (analogue and digital + polaroid just for test), one speed-light, umbrella and a lot of props. First Idea was something different. But I can’t get any good clothes for Klaudia, she is so small, and I need very complicated, detailed and rich outfit. In such short time I decided to something simpler.

Also I decided to train much more about portraits. In this year I take a lot of photos, a LOT, but portraits – not much. Look through my portfolio and decided – Yes I have to make some.

Setup: one canon speed-light reflected from umbrella, got back strong sun light disperse by many branches. Also fall light isn’t so strong any more. It was difficult because it was many clouds and sometimes sun changed really fast into super bright.

ps. Thank You Kamila and Klaudia


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