Warm august night

Photography, Story-history

It was warm 16th august night when we came into this hill/airfield. Big open space, perfect to make astro-photography/time-lapse. Weather should to be clear – just perfect. Wine and snacks with us – everything. It was specially Perseid Meteor Shower night. It will be great if I’ll got there FF but that Samyang 14mm really got it well even with aps-c. Think it’s time to get new body :)

I putting this now because, that summer time was really busy and I made a bag full of shoots.

IMG_4532-1rezone star

IMG_4534-1reztwo stars

and then some startrails-montage – it was montage from whole night, no cuts (summer nights are very short here in Giant Mountains)

StarStaX_IMG_4517-1-IMG_4758-239_gap_filling_resizeafter some cuts and correctrion


suddenly sun gets up just straight from that tower and trees – extra power for whole day (two days and one night – no sleep)

Now I remembering those moments and already Feel Great. Of course those photos are only from one fragment of the sky. So many stars flays all over ours heads – never sow that much falling stars in one night – magic.


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