Morning walk – Wroclaw

Photography, Story-history

It was very cold spring morning. When I go out about 7am it was snowy and temp. about 0C. I thought „I need move”. Take out camera and walk really quickly (to get warm). Almost felt over twice, get lucky… When I couldn’t feel my fingers, decided to came back to home, warm hands under cold water (when it’s cold it feel like warm) and then jump into bed and warm for a while. It was crazy morning. Lets see haw:

20mm; f10; 1/250s; ISO 400

27mm; f7.1; 1/160s; ISO 100

20mm; f8; 1/80s; ISO 100

45mm; f10; 1/60s; ISO 100

30mm; f10; 1/60s; ISO 100