Mountains – winter, fresh air and 5:30 am

Photography, Story-history

We (3 people – my friend and his friend from work) get up normally like 10am – straight on the road. When we parked and came into – place where ski-chair-lifts starts. We bought ticket to the top and go to the long line, with like only skiers. OK – and we go. In mid station staff said that they closed second part of the lift so we can’t go any further. We thought for a while – then someone from staff came and send us back down and to another lift – express (with no line :) ). Faster newer and bigger. At the end of ride it turned out that we have 300m up in very short distance. First on slope, then no that small path that we couldn’t see because of strong wind with snow, that cover everything. It fells like small needle pierce into your face. I wore glasses so it’s also harder because of it. After that hard part, we came into the shelter and rest for a moment. My friends went for lunch, and I for some shots around shelter (Szrenica). It was getting dark quickly, so it was that for one day – also cold and windy – brrrr…

Next morning we woke up early at 5-5:30 in the morning, just before sunrise. Packed up and go for a morning walk, to greet the day on top of Śnieżne Kotły (1490m). Great weather, so warm, I couldn’t believe it. Partly clouded and that almost pink sun (pink-orange and blue). Like a dream :) Batteries charged.

Awesome trip – wish for more.