Post-soviet hospital in Legnica – photokast

Multimedia, Photography, Story-history

It’s a huge dreary complex counting over 7 ha, fenced by concrete wall makes an awesome impression. Crossing the gate, we come into the world, where the time stopped in an earlier era. The area recalls a little depopulated town, although it was hospital complex designed for firstly German, then Russian army. Apparently, there could be even 650 patients. Several buildings, including the biggest one make a great impression. Hospital corridors are so long that it is impossible to see the end of them. The hospital building is not a total ruin such as other buildings of this complex. It can easily be walked, but the visitors need to be careful because of sporadic holes in the cellar, which is one of the most thrilling places. In less available rooms there are still many intact devices and the remains of the former tenants. We can find there some notebooks, old newspapers, packs of medicines or even old X-rays. After a few minutes we are aware of striking silence and lack of any life at least typical in such places animals like mice, rats, insects or worms.

In its heyday, the complex must have been one of the best institutions of this type. Almost every possible wards were housed here. There were children’s ward, surgery, contagious ward or even psychiatric ward. Moreover, there were also kitchen, canteen, conference hall, shop, cinema, swimming pool, chapel and dissecting-room.

I want a try some new type of mixed medium – fotokast. I wonder If I had made it well.