Photography with the comment – part2

Photography, Story-history

Now I work in a really different job. Unfortunately I need money for bread so I have to work in some place. It takes me a lot of time and nerve, but I still can’t stop taking photos. I think that when You really get into one topic – in this case photography – You gonna do it for life and there’s no turning back point.

So I still making this b&w negatives with my A1 and FED C5. I like those bodes, they are very handy and also they are two different generations. FED it’s bulletproof strong, fully mechanical camera, and Canon have mechanical focus, but if you don’t have a small battery you can’t release a shutter. They two have so many differences but more important is that they are relatively small, have changeable optics, using 35mm film and make great reportage photos.

Now couple more Photos with comment from Lower Silesia.

„Searching a good angle.”

„Coming back from academy.”

„Bike-riding trip around the city.”

„After work walk. 17:14 pm”

„Taking someones boots to train station – like 7am.”

„That was a heavy bags. (coming back from shopping).

„Just after line in bank.”


About quality – they are only poorly scans, for now.