Photography with the comment – part3

Photography, Story-history

Analogue force – Canon A1 in action again. Finally. Bought negative scanner and scan and start browse all my frames made in 2015. Great surprise – so may … didn’t expert.

If someone don’t know, in those photos I describe when I take shot and what I feel in that time, or what I did around that moment. I very like walk around the city and make photos, it’s like the best therapy for sadness, especially at winter (short 6h days). Often I wear Walkman or sort of music in pocket (always whole album) and listen only like a background soundtrack. Lately I notice that music for summer have to be totally different that winter music. Example – for summer I love to listen Doors or something similar, but for winter lately Sting works pretty well.

Now I making a small book from those 3 part „Photography with the comment” – title – „Places and moments”, but now test print test :)

Place – Wrocław

„Last stop – please enter”

  „Just after visiting clinic – mandatory periodic examinations. 09:14 am”

„Coming back from job interview.”

„Hot summer – waiting for the art show.”

„I thought that this wind will snatch all those books.”

„14.07.2015 Going to main station to pick up a friend.”

„Crossing the University Bridge – friends are already waiting on the island.”

„Typical autumn Saturday afternoon in the city park.”

Soon more frames from last year.